Since we’re a software company we get the opportunity to talk to people all around the world about their eCommerce processes. Just in the past 8 months alone, we’ve spoken with people in over 25 countries. Not always, but more often than not (I’m looking at you Europe and America), we get asked, “Why are you based in Dubai?” The short answer… It’s where I and my co-founder met, and it’s just made the most sense to continue living here. It’s really not any more strategic than that. It’s got its pros and cons, just like everywhere else, but we honestly feel that in today’s day and age, particularly in software, the people are the most important part of the equation to offering a good product and service, not a physical location. And it just so happens that the ingredients for Studio Bridge came together here in Dubai, UAE. Will we stay here forever? Probably not, at least not only be here. As we grow and expand the company it might mean that we eventually move. As we continue to grow we’ll assess where it makes the most sense to be. For us being based in Dubai is pretty convenient. We’re centrally located and being home to one of the largest international airports in the world, makes traveling quite easy (excluding times of global pandemic). So, for now, Dubai is where Studio Bridge calls home, but to us, it’s really more about the people and the product than it is the actual landmass. I must say there have been many times I’ve longed for the 4 seasons of Kentucky, USA (where I’m originally from) versus the Dubai summers, but it is a small world after all, and I’m sure I’ll be back in due time.