Photography Desk

Scan. Shoot. Repeat.

The Most Efficient Way to Facilitate High Volume Image Creation

Photography Desk is the core module for Studio Bridge.  This module is made up of a locally installed desktop utility, and the Studio Bridge web platform.  For photographers it’s as simple as scanning a barcode, shooting the images, drag and drop sequencing, and repeat.  Studio Bridge handles moving imagery on to copywriters and retouchers, as well as keeping the data of what’s been shot and what’s still pending images.  Photography Desk works with any image capture software, which ensures an easy integration with your existing photography workflow.

Photography Desk Features

Create Model Profiles


  • Self-service module for creating model profiles.
  • Select the model that the photographer is shooting with in order to share model information with copywriters, product information teams or downstream systems.
  • Define what brands or categories a model is approved or not approved to shoot.
  • Keep record of a models usage agreement, and when assets will expire.
  • Easily track and identify what products are shot on what models.

 Within Studio Bridge it’s simple to associate multiple products together in order to power “Complete the Look” or “Featured Accessories” modules on your website. This product information can be entered in to Studio Bridge at the photography set so that there’s little room for error, or at the workflow point of your choice.


Moving High Res Images to the Cloud

Desktop Bridge Utility

  • Automatically transfer images to the cloud at lightning speed. The utility is also able to maintain your image metadata during the transfer process, so no data is left behind.
  • Studio Bridge Utility automatically organizes your product images in to local folders named according to the image naming convention. A great feature for storing local archives and quick original image retrieval.

The Most Flexible Production Workflow Out There.

Your team’s producing for multiple brands and multiple categories?  No problem!  By leveraging the product data in the catalog, Studio Bridge can be configured to understand that certain brands and certain categories require different types of shots in order to be considered “complete”.  Want to see it in action?  Schedule a demo with us by clicking below.

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After Photography Desk the Images Are Sent to QC Desk for Approval