The Studio Bridge Story

About Us

Born in 2016

 Sometimes the best way to find a product that people really need is to start by solving a problem YOU actually face.  This is exactly how Studio Bridge was born.  It all started when one of our co-founders moved from the United States to Dubai, UAE to build out an end-to-end Production department and process for a large retail group taking their business online.  No stranger to managing such a team and process, but needing to scale quickly, the would be Studio Bridge co-founder soon found himself searching for an off-the-shelf solution that could dissolve the spreadsheet/hard drive/google sheet nightmare he was facing.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a product in the market that really took the Production workflow of creating site ready images and content (pre PIM/DAM/CMS) in to account.  Left with no options and the company refusing to dedicate resources to building in-house (too time consuming and costly), they decided to fund and build their own.  Teaming up with a long time friend and talented Senior Developer (co-founder, and CTO), they set out to create the best end-to-end Studio Production Workflow tool, taking all of the years of  managing Creative processes and Studio Production teams around the world in to account.

Studio Bridge was built and continues to grow out of a passion for revolutionizing the way e-commerce Studio Production teams operate.  Helping to improve your team’s efficiency and workflow is at the core of what Studio Bridge is all about!



Why Choose Us?

With Studio Bridge, it’s like having a Production specific development, product, project, and consultancy team all rolled in to one.

We’re passionate about what we do, and recognize that the Production process for an e-commerce company is the ultimate melting pot of art and science, which makes it one of the most exciting areas to be a part of.

We can tell you about all the reasons to consider Studio Bridge, but we’d love for you to see for yourself.  So be sure to message us to schedule a demo.


Reduce Production Costs

Get Products Live Faster than the Competition

Reduce Errors Across the Entire Workflow

No Lost Time on Manual Trackers

Full Visibility to Your Entire Business

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