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Studio Bridge is a technical solution and workflow platform that helps streamline your image production process and eliminates the need for manual, labor intensive work-arounds. 

Through combining the talents of expert engineers and the knowledge of former large volume e-commerce studio managers, our mission is simple: 

We help studios of all sizes deliver great quality imagery, at a lower cost, in record time.

Say good-bye to manual hand counts, costly reshoots, and the tedious task of renaming and sequencing images for site readiness. Studio Bridge is a secure cloud-based solution that allows you to focus on what’s most important to your business: Quality, Cost, and Time to Market. Our integration and support staff are ready 24/7 to help you integrate Studio Bridge in to your current workflow and customize it to your specific business requirements.

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Lower Production Costs

By reducing manual touch points in your process, you’ll naturally see a reduction in errors, along with studio efficiency and productivity gains.

Faster Time to Market

By reducing errors and reshoots, you’ll be able to bring your product imagery to market in record speed without reducing quality or increasing costs.

Focus on Quality

Allow the technology to do the tedious work and allow your photographers to do what they’re best at; produce high quality product photographs.

Data Driven Decisions

Studio Bridge is able to capture and provide analytics around your studio’s production rate, reshoot count, and reoccurring errors.


…and why we do it

Solutions to Fit Any Workflow

The knowledge, expertise, and technology to help you succeed

Studio Automation

Studio Bridge can be customized to meet your specific studio workflow.  Automatically rename imagery according to your specific naming convention, identify products that need to be reshot, and easily share images across multiple products.   All of this while collecting data around productivity and quality assurance for monitoring the health of your daily studio operation.

Cloud Storage

Studio Bridge’s patent pending utility and software allows for lightning fast transmission between local workstations to the cloud.  Secured by the latest encryption methods our software allows for ultra-secure synchronized shooting across multiple studio locations.  It’s easy to see how global studio operations are loving the flexibility and accessibility of Studio Bridge.

Image Management

Customizable image naming convention, share images across multiple product types, drag and drop feature for image sequencing, and so much more.  Studio Bridge has an intuitive UI allowing for quick QC and image management.

Catalog Management

Via our API integration tools, Studio Bridge can integrate directly with your existing catalog.  Our internal team of developers will take care of the integration so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to capturing beautiful product imagery.


Studio Bridge brings all of the steps during the photo production process together in to one centralized application.  This allows you to have a single data-source for monitoring productivity and quality.  Data parameters can be customized to meet your individual needs.


Using the latest technologies available in data encryption, we ensure that your data is always secure.  Whether your data is being stored on a local drive or archived in the cloud, we leverage the most advanced techniques to ensure your data is safe and secure at all times.

Advanced Workflow Management

``It was simple to implement and has really made a positive impact on my teams performance. It allows my photographers to focus on their craft and not on all of the tedious administrative work``

- David, client

Model Management

``Other than the easy to use sequencing feature, one of the biggest problems Studio Bridge has solved for us is the ability to catch model/product gender mismatches. The cost reduction due to less reshoots has been a real win for us.”

-Helena, client



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