Copy Desk

Product Descriptions, Details, and Measurements Made Simple

Creating Product Information and Descriptions Has Never Been Easier

Copywriting Desk - Create, Review, Push Live

Copywriting Desk is an optional Module within the Studio Bridge suite.  With Copywriting Desk, your copywriters and product information team(s) will have the ability to view all relevant data for a product, see images (before retouch is complete), submit for review, and publish directly to your final destination of choice.  Copywriters can log in from anywhere, see product information, relevant attribute fields, produce the required content and submit products for go-live.  Content creation made simple!

Features of Copywriting Desk:

  • Expose all relevant catalog data to copywriters to reduce errors and increase productivity
  • Copywriters see images as soon as they’re shot
  • Scan a barcode to write information when using the physical product
  • Copywriters can log in and produce from anywhere with internet access
  • Easily enter in model measurements for products that were shot using the Studio Bridge Photography Desk
  • Quickly identify grammatical and spelling errors within the product content

Increased Productivity

We’ve seen clients more than double their productivity utilizing the Studio Bridge workflow

Produce Content from Anywhere

No matter the location, being cloud based means you can produce from anywhere

Track Progress & Reduce Errors

No more waiting for images or spreadsheets.  Everything at your fingertips with real-time tracking along the way

Create, Review, and Push Live Multi Language Product Copy 

The Copy Desk module within Studio Bridge can be configured to support a multi-language translation workflow pipeline.  The Studio Bridge Copy Desk is also able to integrate with existing translation memories and third-party translation solutions, so no matter the language, Studio Bridge provides support, visibility and efficiency.