Recently someone interested in Studio Bridge reached out and basically asked “You guys still around?  I noticed your last blog post was from a while ago and was about how challenging it is to run a business.”

The answer….

We’ve never been busier, and when it comes to updating the blog vs. ensuring our clients get the very best service and tools we’ll always choose the latter, but we also recognize that not everyone checking us out would know this, so here’s the scoop on the status of Studio Bridge.

Since the beginning of the year (2020) we’ve onboarded two new clients which included some cool projects.  For example, a Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration, accommodating for images used for layering across multiple products and accommodating an external translation memory tool within the workflow.  We’ll be updating our “clients” page soon too, so don’t worry.  **Fun Fact: One of these new clients saw their image cycle time go from 14 days to 2 days!!!!!!

Even with the most recent COVID-19 pandemic, Studio Bridge was deemed an essential tool in the process (for every company we work with) which is a testament to the value and service we provide.  Turns out having a cloud-based, centralized workflow tool giving visibility, tracking, and efficiency to everyone in the business, even when working from home, comes in handy.

We also became profitable as a company.  Now to be fair, we’re not rolling in piles of cash, but becoming profitable as a business is a huge milestone in the life of our company and it’s something, we’re extremely proud of.  By being profitable it means that the longevity of our business and the services we provide to our clients are stable.  We have ZERO outside funding or investors.  The only people we have to answer to are our customers, and we plan to always keep it that way.

Last but not least, our co-founder/CTO, got married!  So, here’s an official “welcome” to Zaina, our newest member of the Studio Bridge family.

So those are all of the high-level updates from our side.  Stay safe, healthy, and feel free to reach out to us should you want to know more about how Studio Bridge could help your Studio Operations and Content workflow.

PS – A huge thanks to my 8-year-old daughter for drawing the logo for this post.